Adult Sunday School Classes



This class is designed for Christians who are new to the body of Christ or those who want to revisit their initial knowledge of Christ.  Basic tenants in laying the foundation for a holy and acceptable life unto the Lord are emphasized.  Topics discussed include, "The Nature of God," "The Bible," and "A Call to Faith and Obedience" to name a few.  Studying the Word and seeking the baptism of the Holy Spirit is strongly encouraged.  This class is recommended to follow and/or coincide with the New Members' Class.  This text is written by Dr. Mark Hanby.  Note: If you have never attended Sunday School classes at LBFM or did not graduate from A.C.T.S. I, you should select A.C.T.S.I


This is the second class taught in an effort to "grow up" the saint of the Lord.  Because many people have only a surface knowledge of the bible and Christianity, this ministry feels that it is imperative that the believer become a strong and knowledgeable saint, rooted and grounded in the Word of God.  Participants are expected to continue to grow spiritually so that they may become the disciplined follower upon which Jesus can depend.  This class will assist the believer in growing out of the babe stage and on to maturity.  This text is written by Dr. Mark Hanby. Note: If you completed A.C.T.S. I, You should select A.C.T.S. II.



Do you really know (understand) what you believe? This course uses Hebrews 6:1-3 as "foundation stones" for the doctrine of Salvation.  The course is a serious attempt to achieve a biblical foundation without trying to defend any particular tradition or denomination. Topic discussed include, repentance, faith, baptism, the laying on of hands, the resurrection of the dead and eternal judgment.  This text is written by James Beall.  Note: A.C.T.S. I & II must be completed before taking this class.



Everyone is born with a motivational gift that dictates who they are, how they operate, and why they make certain types of decisions.  This class examines the different motivational gifts, the indicators that are present in each, and how to identify them.  Problems associated with each gifting are also addressed.  Knowing our own gifts, and the gifts of others, causes us to become more understanding of ourselves and other members of the body of Christ.  Note: Must have Completed A.C.T.S. I & II, and Laying the Foundation before selecting this class.




This course is presented in workbook style with an in-depth look at the BE ATTITUDES that God wants us to possess.  It stresses that "being" precedes "doing."  Consequently, it forces the student of the Word to confront the inner man, or the root attitude of the heart.  The theme of the workbook is the revelation of Jesus, and it covers five root problem areas.  The steps of action, firm teaching, and the foundation of the scriptures, lift the believer to another level of spiritual maturity.


This is a must take class!  Scripture says "where your treasure is, there will your heart be also".  Come and learn how money really works, from budgeting and dumping debt, to building wealth, and giving God's way.  From day to day management to long term investments, this class will have you take a very serious look at how you really feel about money and your handling of it.  Tithes and offerings, myths of giving, and much, much more will be discussed.  Whether you feel that you are a good manager of money or a poor one, be prepared to change old habits and develop new and better ones.

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