Youth Activities and Classes


 Acting Up for the Lord 

Offers instruction in positions on the stage, projecting the voice on the stage and characterization acting.  Meets the 1st Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM.


VVocal Instruction in Birthing Explosive Praise -  This period of instruction teaches vocal techniques, instrumental techniques, music notation, reading music, musical symbols, scriptures and how they are used in song.


The Education Department youth teachers are very thankful to have the opportunity to teach children in the way of the Lord, as we supplement the spiritual teaching they receive in their homes.  We recognize the important contribution  that teaching in each environment provides in children's lives.  We are committed to ensuring that spirit-filled instruction is rendered.  Therefore, the instruction given by the department is aligned with the Word of God, the vision given for our church, and the department's mission statement.  Currently, we use the Kids Sunday School Place curriculum for Nursery through Juniors.  Teens utilize the text Kingdomgarten Kids written by our pastor, Bob McClain.  Meets Sunday mornings at 9:00 AM.   

Nursery:  Ages Infant - 2 years
Toddlers:  Ages 3 years - 5 years
Primaries:  Grades K - 3
Juniors: - Grades 4 - 6
Teens:  Grades 7 - 12



Vacation Bible School at Living By Faith Ministry is a day of evangelism, fellowship, and fun.  Participants find themselves at a cross roads where a decision must be made for Christ.  Which way will they go?  We lead them to the choice to heed the voice of God.  All, youth and adults are invited to participate with us in ministry.



This ministry is designed to meet children where they are in their spiritual walk with Christ.  Occurring during regular Sunday worship, youth study the Word of God, they praise and worship Him.  The youth attending this service have the opportunity to actively participate by asking questions and receiving answers that are age appropriate.  Meets Sunday mornings at 9:30 AM.



In keeping with Teaching Department's mission statement of nurturing academic excellence, students are afforded the opportunity receive tutoring for any school subject area needed.  This service is offered on an as needed basis and is arranged directly with the student or their parents.


Available for any ministry, scheduled service, or meeting offered by the church, childcare is administered by caregivers who are Christians who minister to children in a safe and loving environment.  Nursery service usually includes Christan music, prayer, a short term lesson, and premier care.  Our nursery leader is infant CPR and first aid qualified.


Living by Faith Academe' was established to help families in the Kingdom of God provide quality Christian education to their children within the framewoork of their own scripturally-based convictions and beliefs.  Our goal is to equip and encourage our families to achieve academic excellence for their children by providing a means of education in the safe and loving atmosphere of their own homes.  We, therefore, support home schooling as a means of answering the call of God to direct our children toward their divinely mandated destinies in the Kingdom of God.  It is a way of life, based upon firm convictions and sound biblical principles.


The Scholarship Faithful is a program that has been established to award scholarships to seniors who have demonstrated consistent, faithful participation in the ministries, services, outreach programs and activities of Living By Faith Ministry.  In keeping with the church vision which is, "teach my people faith; build the people big; big people will do big things." this scholarship is intended to reward those faithful students who will be attending an institution of higher learning to further their education.

Scholarship Faithful has its origins in the attitude of FATness.  What do we mean by being FAT?  It means:

F aithful
A vailable and
T eachable

Faithful - devoted to parents, family school teachers, LBFM and its leaders, its vision, and your responsibilities.
Available - means "to be there", present physically for service with a cooperative attitude and spirit.
Teachable - to have a meek and humble spirit that reaches out for spiritual growth and maturity.


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